Young researchers

The Jornadas Hispanolusas de Gestión Científica promotes in this edition a special track specifically directed to the group of young researchers in economics and management sciences. With the organization of this session it is intended to encourage those researchers who are in the initial stages of their academic career to submit and present their communication within the same. Both end-of-studies (Bachelor degree or master), research works and doctoral projects might be presented. This way, the aim is to stimulate research vocations and to consolidate the careers of those who have already started it.

This session also pretends to become a forum for active discussion and constructive dialog aimed at improving the quality of the research works that are presented within it, taking to this end the format of doctoral consortium. In the frame of this special track, PhD students and Young researchers will have the opportunity to share their initiatives and to receive valuable feedback from experienced academics (members of the scientific committee of the conference) in the shape of comments, suggestions, possible theoretical approaches, methodologies or bibliography of interest.

In addition, an award will be given to the best research work presented in this track, distinguishing its authors with the “Award to the best young researcher of the Congress”.

Submission Rules:

The submission of these works is carried out in accordance with the general standards defined for the communications to the Conference. However, before the SCIENTIFIC AREA, it should include the expression: YOUNG RESEARCHERS IN ECONOMIC AND BUSINESS SCIENCES, in capital letters.


On the third line – SCIENTIFIC AREA

Registration and fees:

Registration in this modality will be processed with a discount of 36% on the total conference fee.

Thus the registration fee will be € 160 only for the authors of the works submited to this Special Track.

Authors who want to use this special fee will only be able to participate in the Journeys with this unique work. In case they wish to participate with more than this work (Special Track – Young Researchers), they must register in full payment.