Presentation and Discussion

The presentation time of each paper should not exceed 12 minutes. At the end of each session a global time will be reserved for questions and discussion about the presentations exposed during the session.

The maximum number of slides must not exceed 15 and the size of the letter must not be less than 20.

Equipment: The rooms will have a computer and projection cannon. For compatibility reasons, you must use microsoft-office-2010 and use the system's preferred sources.

The author responsible for the presentation must attend the presentation room in the interval prior to the session to save the file of his presentation.

Presidency: The person presiding at each session will have all the relevant information prior to the start of the session.

Exhibition order: Except for reasons of force majeure, which will be assessed by the president, the order of exposure foreseen in the program should not be altered. Once the presentation is finished, the authors will receive the accreditation.

Publication of the works: The abstracts of the accepted papers will be published in a book with ISBN. The full text of these papers will be published in electronic format.

For additional information, contact the Secretariat.

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